03/09/10 – Mid Spring Update

Well happy late new year and all that jazz… seems like I have been very very busy especially since February disappeared and it is already the second week into March! Time flies when your … you thought I was going to say fun huh? THESIS is the real word! My thesis is well under way and I have a good feeling about it even though there are only about 45 days left to complete it. I may not get to do everything I wanted to accomplish for the due date of April 27th but I will spruce it up after I graduate when I am looking out for a job! At this point I am finishing up modeling and texturing my space ship and have begun to model my main buildings and rework my cameras in the main scene of the project to highlight and have better interesting angles to my composition.

What else… oh! I just finished the GWU REIDO competition for phase one. I have been working with the real estate students from SCPS on this competition for little less than a month now and the fruits of our labor came through very well. I was the dedicated 3D guru for the team and use the program SketchUp with Vray to render out some decent images. Over all I spent about 40 hours on that project not including meeting time. I really hope that we make it through into the next round to present in D.C.! We could win 10K, not a bad pay off I say.

Midterms are due this week for my thesis and we have our presentation for it after spring break. Our images that we plan to use for the thesis showcase are due at the last Friday of the month so I hope I have something that I am proud to present by then. I am looking forward to our graduation in May, Yankee Stadium here we come! I’ll try to update more but for now be entertained by my thesis blog here