05/14/10 – End of Semester and NYU

April pretty much did not exist in my life for this year. My thesis and the REIDO competition really took up every minute of my life from middle of March to the end of April. It was quite an exciting but difficult road that I traveled upon. Although the semester is over I will still find myself with plenty of time in the freezing cold labs of CADA.

I PASSED!! I passed and am officially a graduate student from NYU with a Master of Science in Digital Imaging and Design! The response to my thesis has been nothing but positive feed back. I feel that there is still much to do on it to get it ready for submission to the MetroCAF this year but I am proud of where I was able to take my thesis and how far along I was able to complete it for the 14 weeks that we had to work on it. The panel consisted of Gavin, Michael and Boaz and they were all pretty well receptive of my thesis with nothing said that tore me apart but just constructive criticism that could help make my thesis even better.

Out of those 14 weeks, two of them I dedicated towards the REIDO competition that I joined in with the Schack students. We ended up placing 4th! Not too shabby for NYU I must say we went big on our ideas, designs and numbers for finances but in the end it was not what the panel of judges were looking for. I am planning on continuing to work more on the designs and completing more of the model for a future presentation for NYU faculty and staff that showcase the work that we put into it and the team effort that stretched across two different schools.

Updates to the site I have included a new Demo Reel for the end of the semester May 2010, a new resume and of course the completion of my thesis which can be found over on projectnext.wordpress.com

I will soon add in additional images of sketches, WIP’s and other video footage of my thesis and the REIDO competition!

I am hopeful to find a job soon as it seems likeĀ  the job market is doing better than it was last year. I will certaintly miss all the CADA peeps and the long lasting laughs that we all shared.