07/22/10 – Mid Summer

Well, stunningly as it is, it is already almost to the closing of July. This is pretty much the mid point of my summer. Although the summer heat is in full blast, finding a job is icy cold!

Thankfully I have been able to keep myself really busy with working on smaller projects of my own and with others to make this summer go by just as fast as my spring did with thesis! In the beginning of the summer I spent some time updating a little bit of my thesis to submit to the MetroCAF 2010 and headed out for a week to go to California! (What a blast yet again as it was trip #2) I do not know when I will hear about the results of the MetroCAF but I don’t expect to get in, but it was worth the shot! Over the past two months I have had the chance to work with MongrelFX to work on a small project to start up the company by using a new software to me called Blender. It is free and the whole company likes to be fully open source which is nice not to pay for software. The best thing is that Blender works really well for modeling, but it is taking me a little bit of time to learn the in’s and out’s for texturing, lighting and rendering (Which is what I really want to focus on!) I have also been one of the students from CADA currently working on a summer project for all of us to come together to produce something amazing. Right now we are about less than half way I would say into the project. I have been doing lighting studies and designing and modeling some assets for the piece!

With all that and other little things, I have been constantly on the outlook for jobs and even internships just to gain some experience but nothing has come up. It is a sad state to see how the real world is now that I am a graduate student. I was hopeful in landing something somewhere that would be impressed with my talents, enthusiasm and everything else that I have to offer to them. I will continue to look and strive harder as the summer is slowly coming to an end. Hopefully with a few updates to the demo reel with the projects that I have been working on will help catch some eyes!