10/24/10 – Update

From my last post, there has been a whirlwind of life changes that has happened in the little amount of time that has spanned. I am now working for AJSNY, a small arch viz company based in NY. They are small but mighty and I feel that I can give them a lot of my skills and work ethic! They are primarily a 3ds max house so that will require me to jump back into max and say good bye to Maya for now. I feel like Max will take a little time to get used to navigating around opposed to learning the tools shouldn’t take too much time at all once I find out where they are and how their execution is to be compared to what I already know from Maya. I did start work at Click3X after ending my month at Humble, but had to say good bye to them as well to start off my career. I did not imagine myself back in the architectural world so soon, but I have definitely not giving up my roots just yet. Most of my digital design studies at CADA reflected architectural design work in some way or form when I was free to do so. My thesis was a big player in tying together what I was learning and what I knew and I am glad that AJSNY was able to see the potential in me through this.

On the side I will be helping out two NYU students who are in the journalism program. The students that study there are trying to improve their documentaries with some graphics and I was recommended from a friend to see if I would help. Of course I would! The needs of the graphics will be simple enough to execute, its just a little above them so they are just not sure what is possible and in what time frame. I assured them both that their demands were not outrageous at all and could be done pretty quickly. I feel that this will help keep me busy from the mundane life challenges.

For now, I am just needed to adjust to the full time work week that everyone else does in the world. It already is posing some challenges to be able to squeeze everything that I want/need to do in the very few hours in a day.