01/13/11 – Update – It’s 2011!!

A new year and that’s pretty much all that is new. I am still working at AJSNY which is great, still building a logo and website, still in poverty and still love what I do. I am continuing to learn and grow using 3ds max and Vray at AJS; however, it will be a little bit more of a process before I become proficient at it like I am with Maya and Mental Ray. I was given the job for three months and was reviewed in December to see if I could continue working or not, and I was able to! I am still always looking for the next best thing as I am always up for new challenges and of course ways to pay off NYU’s gigantic loans that I owe. I was recently able to finally consolidate all my loans together after fighting what looked like a never ending battle with loan companies that just didn’t seem to care or know how to do their job. But that’s all squared away now, here’s to the next 30 years of resentment to NYU’s expensive education. 🙂

I did finally LLC myself to become legit about my freelancing status at AJS and where ever else that I may work part time or on the side. The company name is AJDigital Studio’s L.L.C., nothing too fancy since I couldn’t just LLC my own name… rules and stuff would not allow that… so that name was the next best thing at 2am, ha. I am hoping to meet with good ol’e BoA and set up a business account soon and get that squared away so this way I can really start working for myself and get things set up.
I am looking forward to 2011 and hope that it doesn’t let me down!