04/04/11 – Update – Springing into Action

Well once again its been quite a while since my last posting. The working life and real world have kept me very busy to say the least. I can definitely see how people can get lost in life going by really fast. I can’t say I want that to happen to me but that is the direction I feel that I am heading towards. In an effort to confront this situation I am doing my best to push myself in learning as much as I can now, yes even outside the digital world. I recently read Rich Dad poor dad and the one of the most important things I got out of that book was to know a little about a lot, NOT know a lot about a little. A little bit of simple wisdom but not really common sense. To me is it and I plan on embracing this more in order to push my career and success over the next few years.

I have continued my work in 3DS Max and vray and have worked at it a lot! (That’s for sure) I hope to be able to get some projects released to me soon so that I may show off some of the work that I have been doing over the past few months. I really enjoy working on everything that I have done so far and have taken a great amount of pride in putting in the amount of time and dedication to these projects. Til I then, I will continue to be watching tons of tutorials learning more max and vray tricks and honing in on my Maya and mental ray skills.