06/12/11 – Update – More awesomeness

I finally got rid of all my old business cards. I did not realize I was running out until the last one left my wallet to a fellow artist met by chance on the way home. Since I have been slacking on the whole updating and improving myself and marketability of my skills and talent section of life lately, I figured now would be a great time to get that back on track, create a business card, finish the new logo I started a few months ago and finish building a webpage! I have been still very diligent in the past few months continuing to hone in my skills and knowledge as a digital artist. I am however, slowly taking notice that tutorials are teaching me less and less and I am getting rather bored. I will continue to watch more and more tutorials of course, but I am definitely seeking out higher quality and higher leveled ones to keep me going. I am now faced with the idea that it is time to really start to produce work on my own to show off skills I have outside of the work I do in the architectural visualizations that I do daily. In order to do this I am very sad to have to say good bye to a good friend of mine… My computer. I built this machine back in 2007! So I would definitely say I have gotten my time and money’s worth out of it. The age of duel core processors has been dead for some time and I am now in the market for a new build to help me conquer any ambitious projects that may come out of my head for the future!

Here is the work in progress I have done for the new card I attempted this weekend


Second version, a little different