09/30/11 – Space warps and endless tunnels

That is what I feel like my life has been for the year thus far. I feel like time is traveling faster and faster and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. I am proceeding to make progress on my personal goals, slowly but surely. I have my website up and running. I will be looking into finding some sort of java script that will give me a gallery to display my portfolio on it. For now, it has the basics and I am fine with that. The business card has been revamped as I felt the other one became too busy and “gimmicky” I removed the boarders and made a background that I like better. I plan on getting some feed back on it soon and get them out to the presses. I feel naked not having business cards on me for so long. There definitely has been a few times where I wanted to give one out and could not. Lost potential business I guess with no one to blame but myself.

On the up side, I was asked to return to Alfred last weekend to part take in a presentation to be giving by myself and other alumni RA’s on how being an RA and translate it into getting a job and real world experience. It was a fun adventure to get back up there as I have not been there for over 2 years now. Everything is still the same, some things have improved which I find very gratifying to see progress being made to improve the student experience.

The good people and friends are always a welcomed break from my space warp and endless tunnel feeling towards life as of late. I have recently learned the acronym FOMO from another blog that I love to read, which stands for fear of missing out. While working a lot and trying to improve my skills over the course of this year, I feel that I have achieved a lot; however, I do not feel I have gotten far enough to be satisfied just yet. This in turn has left me with a little FOMO as I want to be out with friends and having a good time, just come home and play video games or splurge a little more. Maybe in 2012 things will become even better.