Autodesk layoffs and Max discontinues – Who cares???[Rant]

I’ve been quiet for a long long time on here, just been a busy life as with anyone else. So this has not really been my priority right now, but this news that has been spilled out this week is something of a hot spot for me. I usually never consider a ranting, but I guess that’s what a blog is for huh?

Firstly Autodesk, is a great company and I love their products just so you know where I stand.  Even though what they put out is not always perfect, their products get the job done and done fast with a reasonable amount of headaches. (I blame most of them on user error and lack of understand of how to actually use the program… but that is another topic!!) Their recent occurrence to remove 7% of their staff is definitely sad news that our economy has not yet quiet recovered. Even Digital Domain seems to be having their share of issues. Personally, I see Autodesk’s decision to layoff this amount of staff as nothing more than cleaning out the closet. I feel like people in our industry have been making a much bigger deal out of this for no reason, but I think it is nothing more than that, a step towards cleaning and sorting to becoming more efficient and effective, so I hope everyone can move on and stop over thinking this situation. Trust me, I don’t like to hear people being laid off any more than the next person but sometimes it just has to be done.

Secondly, the rumors to kill 3DS Max run like wildfire across the internet are pretty crazy in this world today. Now thanks to the internet and technology even one person can destroy someones reputation, a company name/product or the like. In this case a huge uproar over 3DS Max’s possible demise because of the staff cuts Autodesk just laid down. Just stop for a second and think about it, does it really make sense that Autodesk kill 3DS Max? No. I don’t think so. If you’ve been around then you know that they have been spending years revamping the program. Yes it has been a uphill battle for them it seems looking at it from an artist perspective using the program daily with its persistent stability issues. In case my logic still doesn’t stand you can see Frank Delise, Autodesk’s new Project Manager post a confirm that they are not killing it here:
I think people just need to take a second, stand back away from the computer and chill out when news like this comes out of the gates of the interwebs instead of just going out to forums and making things out to be a bigger deal/problem than it really is…

…or is it just me?