01/29/12 – Speed model challenge

Over time I have always wanted to partake in a challenge or two involving 3D or 2D or a mixture of both; however, the amount of time involved in some challenges takes quiet some time. So this has always deterred me from actually entering into one until last week. 3dm3’s forums has a weekly speed modeling challenge that is just what is sounds. This weeks theme was for a futuristic weapon, which is exactly what I love. The limitations of the challenge was for 2 1/2 hours of modeling time and post images of a render and wires of the model created. Here is my submission:

Futuristic Weapon - Smart Grenade

Futuristic Weapon – Smart Grenade

Futuristic Weapon - Smart Grenade Wires

Futuristic Weapon – Smart Grenade Wires

Futuristic Weapon Sketch

Futuristic Weapon Sketch

My idea was to create a quick model of a futuristic smart grenade. I thought its a great weapon that is hardly in the forefront of peoples minds but boy can they come in handy to clear out a room full of bad guys!! I wanted to create a rounded grenade that could possibly roll and move using self guiding programs and outer springs that are controlled by a gyroscope. It could then track its targets this way and well, go boom! I set myself up to complete it at around 2 hours, and completed modeling by 2:15hr so not too bad I think. I would definitely like to do more to it and flush out some designs to it in the future with a nice render.