12/26/09 – End of Semester Update

I have finally had the time to update my blog a little. Included in this batch of uploads are images from my fall 2009 semester classes. All of these images can be found under the fall 2009 images section. Check it out! The classes include 3D Production III, Materials, Lighting and Rendering and of course Pre-Production to Thesis. I have linked the pre-pro section directly to my thesis blog to keep things simple.

I will be uploading the video of projects for each course soon!

09/27/09 A new year

Well, I am well underway in my last year at CADA! So that just means I’ll be pumping out some new awesome content from my 4 classes I am taking this semester. I am currently taking Lighting and Rendering AND Materials classes with the famous Boaz! I am really excited about this opportunity because it is two classes that I will enjoy thoroughly. I am also taking 3D production III and Pre Production to my thesis. This pre-production will be intense but I am up to the challenge and produce some awesomeness!