11/09/12 – Updated Behance Portfolio

I recently spent the last few nights to update my Behance portfolio! I hope those that stumble here enjoy. It has a lot more work in it than on this wordpress site. It is finally a transition to something better than what I have set up here. Anyway, the work on Behance has a mix of different professional projects that I have worked on for the past two years.


11/01/12 – Working from Home

Oh the irony that has been bestowed upon me. At the end of October, I have been given the option to work from home. With the most perfect timing this worked out very well with Sandy coming to town to really test the ropes of this decision. My old work place doesn’t even have internet or power thanks to Sandy’s fury; however, my apartment does so work could continue. It was interesting decision to decide to start to work at home, I feel that it maybe a little early in my career to start. But at the same time I feel like this is the right thing to do. Maybe hurricane Sandy has come in to reinforce the decision. Now I don’t have to walk and travel the subways of NYC mindlessly like all the other commuters trying to do the same thing. Once I was able to get back into my “Zone A” apartment building and realizing that I did not have to trek somehow into Manhattan has really make me appreciative of being able to do this. I am definitely thankful for all that I have and sad that so many so are suffering ever so close to home. Hopefully I can repay some of my new found time and energy back to those in need soon.

10/04/11 – Off to the presses

I finally sent out my business cards out to get a few free test prints. Yay me! I can almost put a huge check mark next to this goal of mine that has been lingering for way too long. I have recieved some great feed back from a few of my closest friends and have adjusted and taken critiques into account. It is always great to have a second, or third pair of eyes come and take a look at what you are doing. I hope that once I see the test prints I can adjust and make my final revisions by the end of the month. For now here are a few work in progress images that I sent off for the test prints:





09/30/11 – Space warps and endless tunnels

That is what I feel like my life has been for the year thus far. I feel like time is traveling faster and faster and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast. I am proceeding to make progress on my personal goals, slowly but surely. I have my website up and running. I will be looking into finding some sort of java script that will give me a gallery to display my portfolio on it. For now, it has the basics and I am fine with that. The business card has been revamped as I felt the other one became too busy and “gimmicky” I removed the boarders and made a background that I like better. I plan on getting some feed back on it soon and get them out to the presses. I feel naked not having business cards on me for so long. There definitely has been a few times where I wanted to give one out and could not. Lost potential business I guess with no one to blame but myself.

On the up side, I was asked to return to Alfred last weekend to part take in a presentation to be giving by myself and other alumni RA’s on how being an RA and translate it into getting a job and real world experience. It was a fun adventure to get back up there as I have not been there for over 2 years now. Everything is still the same, some things have improved which I find very gratifying to see progress being made to improve the student experience.

The good people and friends are always a welcomed break from my space warp and endless tunnel feeling towards life as of late. I have recently learned the acronym FOMO from another blog that I love to read, which stands for fear of missing out. While working a lot and trying to improve my skills over the course of this year, I feel that I have achieved a lot; however, I do not feel I have gotten far enough to be satisfied just yet. This in turn has left me with a little FOMO as I want to be out with friends and having a good time, just come home and play video games or splurge a little more. Maybe in 2012 things will become even better.

07/16/11 – Update – New site

The crazy life is still busy just as I would expect the sun to rise every day. I am well underway to setting up a real website for my content to be displayed for all to see. The process in doing so has given me a sense of pride and identity, and though it will be a very simple website I hope that I will be able to better show off my skills and talent now. That is not to say that this blog and its content will disappear, this wordpress will no longer be a redirect for my main domain but will continue to host my progress in life, personal work and hopefully soon some tutorials and goodies that I can share with everyone else.

06/12/11 – Update – More awesomeness

I finally got rid of all my old business cards. I did not realize I was running out until the last one left my wallet to a fellow artist met by chance on the way home. Since I have been slacking on the whole updating and improving myself and marketability of my skills and talent section of life lately, I figured now would be a great time to get that back on track, create a business card, finish the new logo I started a few months ago and finish building a webpage! I have been still very diligent in the past few months continuing to hone in my skills and knowledge as a digital artist. I am however, slowly taking notice that tutorials are teaching me less and less and I am getting rather bored. I will continue to watch more and more tutorials of course, but I am definitely seeking out higher quality and higher leveled ones to keep me going. I am now faced with the idea that it is time to really start to produce work on my own to show off skills I have outside of the work I do in the architectural visualizations that I do daily. In order to do this I am very sad to have to say good bye to a good friend of mine… My computer. I built this machine back in 2007! So I would definitely say I have gotten my time and money’s worth out of it. The age of duel core processors has been dead for some time and I am now in the market for a new build to help me conquer any ambitious projects that may come out of my head for the future!

Here is the work in progress I have done for the new card I attempted this weekend


Second version, a little different


04/04/11 – Update – Springing into Action

Well once again its been quite a while since my last posting. The working life and real world have kept me very busy to say the least. I can definitely see how people can get lost in life going by really fast. I can’t say I want that to happen to me but that is the direction I feel that I am heading towards. In an effort to confront this situation I am doing my best to push myself in learning as much as I can now, yes even outside the digital world. I recently read Rich Dad poor dad and the one of the most important things I got out of that book was to know a little about a lot, NOT know a lot about a little. A little bit of simple wisdom but not really common sense. To me is it and I plan on embracing this more in order to push my career and success over the next few years.

I have continued my work in 3DS Max and vray and have worked at it a lot! (That’s for sure) I hope to be able to get some projects released to me soon so that I may show off some of the work that I have been doing over the past few months. I really enjoy working on everything that I have done so far and have taken a great amount of pride in putting in the amount of time and dedication to these projects. Til I then, I will continue to be watching tons of tutorials learning more max and vray tricks and honing in on my Maya and mental ray skills.

01/13/11 – Update – It’s 2011!!

A new year and that’s pretty much all that is new. I am still working at AJSNY which is great, still building a logo and website, still in poverty and still love what I do. I am continuing to learn and grow using 3ds max and Vray at AJS; however, it will be a little bit more of a process before I become proficient at it like I am with Maya and Mental Ray. I was given the job for three months and was reviewed in December to see if I could continue working or not, and I was able to! I am still always looking for the next best thing as I am always up for new challenges and of course ways to pay off NYU’s gigantic loans that I owe. I was recently able to finally consolidate all my loans together after fighting what looked like a never ending battle with loan companies that just didn’t seem to care or know how to do their job. But that’s all squared away now, here’s to the next 30 years of resentment to NYU’s expensive education. 🙂

I did finally LLC myself to become legit about my freelancing status at AJS and where ever else that I may work part time or on the side. The company name is AJDigital Studio’s L.L.C., nothing too fancy since I couldn’t just LLC my own name… rules and stuff would not allow that… so that name was the next best thing at 2am, ha. I am hoping to meet with good ol’e BoA and set up a business account soon and get that squared away so this way I can really start working for myself and get things set up.
I am looking forward to 2011 and hope that it doesn’t let me down!

10/24/10 – Update

From my last post, there has been a whirlwind of life changes that has happened in the little amount of time that has spanned. I am now working for AJSNY, a small arch viz company based in NY. They are small but mighty and I feel that I can give them a lot of my skills and work ethic! They are primarily a 3ds max house so that will require me to jump back into max and say good bye to Maya for now. I feel like Max will take a little time to get used to navigating around opposed to learning the tools shouldn’t take too much time at all once I find out where they are and how their execution is to be compared to what I already know from Maya. I did start work at Click3X after ending my month at Humble, but had to say good bye to them as well to start off my career. I did not imagine myself back in the architectural world so soon, but I have definitely not giving up my roots just yet. Most of my digital design studies at CADA reflected architectural design work in some way or form when I was free to do so. My thesis was a big player in tying together what I was learning and what I knew and I am glad that AJSNY was able to see the potential in me through this.

On the side I will be helping out two NYU students who are in the journalism program. The students that study there are trying to improve their documentaries with some graphics and I was recommended from a friend to see if I would help. Of course I would! The needs of the graphics will be simple enough to execute, its just a little above them so they are just not sure what is possible and in what time frame. I assured them both that their demands were not outrageous at all and could be done pretty quickly. I feel that this will help keep me busy from the mundane life challenges.

For now, I am just needed to adjust to the full time work week that everyone else does in the world. It already is posing some challenges to be able to squeeze everything that I want/need to do in the very few hours in a day.