13/10/09 – Another Hard Hit – Pixar Cananda Down

Yet again another hit in the face of all digital artists out there. Pixar Canada’s immediate closure is definitely disturbing and sad. The obvious reason is that with the¬† tax incentives removed, this probably forced Disney and Pixar to rethink the cost vs value of keeping operations running full steam there which was one of the reasons this secondary place was opened. Variety explains it all here:


What worries me even more than this is with the newly introduced post production tax incentives for New York state, how long will it take before New York starts to take those incentives back and what will become of all the new offices and productions that come here to NYC solely because of them. The incentives are still new so not sure how many in NY it has already drawn in, but it wouldn’t be good to even have one place close because of these issues. Is this going to become the next tread and will we really become a nomadic army of artists as discussed by Scott Ross at this years Collider conference? Fleeing to where ever the doors open because the companies received huge tax credits?
I certainty hope not… best wishes¬† to those 100 artists.